Circular Knitting Technology 

Target group:
This course is for those interested in gaining a specialist knowledge
of large diameter circular knitting technology.


The course participants are given expert knowledge of the basics of circular knitting technology and setup of the most common machine types. Participants will also acquire the ability to set up common types of fabric structures themselves on the machine.

Basic knowledge of large diameter circular knitting technology

  • Machine setup and technical features of large diameter circular knitting machines
  • Yarn feed and take-up systems
  • Loop formation processes on circular knitting machines
  • Dial and interlock position
  • Needle control
  • Special equipment

Practical exercises

  • Pattern configurations on mechanical circular knitting machines
  • Pattern configurations on the PC and transfer to
    electronic circular knitting machines


2 days (7 hours/day)

No. of participants:

1 to max. 6 persons



Training days:
German: 19.-20.01.2017, 16.-17.03.2017, 11.-12.05.2017, 06.-07.07.2017, 14.-15.09.2017, 16.-17.11.2017
English: on request
Spanish: on request
Chinese: on request

900 EUR excl. MwSt. (German VAT)