Technical Training Double Jersey 

Target group :
This course is for those who are interested in gaining technical knowledge directly at the circular knitting machine.

The participants are given detailed technical knowledge about the handling of circular knitting machines. The participants work directly at the machine and and gain the ability to equip and handle it by themselves.

Basic knowledge, technical training

  • Pattern analysis double jersey with the preparation of thread flow and cam part table
  • Structure, function and handling of the machine
  • Preparation of the machine for pattern changes with following conversion of the cylinder and dial cams
  • Adjustment of: Fine rib and interlock position, synchronized timing and delayed timing, yarn guide, quality wheel, coulier, yarn tension, take-down tension, needle breakage stop motion, etc.
  • Preparation of a pattern data sheet
  • Correct adjustment of the lubrication system
  • Fault prevention at the machine

3–5 days (7 hours/day) depending on the background knowledge of the participants

No. of participants:
1 to 2 persons



Training days:
German:  25.-27.01.2017, 22.-24.03.2017, 17.-19.05.2017, 12.-14.07.2017, 20.-22.09.2017, 22.-24.11.2017

English: on request

450 EUR excl. MwSt. (German VAT) (Price per person/day)