Sewing and needle technology 

Target group:
This course is for those interested in acquiring a general overview of sewing technologies as well as the range of sewing items and needles required for them


The course participants are given a basic knowledge of sewing
machines, sewing needles and their areas of application.

Sewing needle basics
  • Needle systems and needle catalogue
  • Structure of a sewing needle
  • Needle thicknesses
  • Point shapes
  • Needle package – Significance of printed information
  • Identification of needle systems
Basics of sewing machines and sewing technology
  • Classification of sewing machines
  • Different sewing machine designs
  • Stitch classification, stitch types
  • Stitch formation on sewing machines,
    lockstitch machines, chainstitch machines
    and thread overlock machines
  • Application problems taken from practice and
    how to solve them by using the right needle

2 days (7 hours/day)

No. of participants:

1 to max. 6 persons



Training days: 
German: on request
English: 16.-17.01.2017, 13.-14.02.2017, 20.-21.03.2017, 24.-25.04.2017, 19.-20.06.2017, 17.-18.07.2017, 11.-12.09.2017, 09.-10.10.2017, 13.-14.11.2017

This course should ideally be combined with the course „Textile Value Chain Basics“

900 EUR excl. MwSt. (German VAT)