Combined course: Operating the WarpMaster machine and Technical training on the WarpMaster 

Target group:
This course is specifically for those responsible for maintenance,
setup and servicing of the WarpMaster.

The course participants are taught the contents of the special courses „Operating the WarpMaster machine“ and „Technical training on the WarpMaster“.

WarpMaster operation basics
Production-relevant operation of machine software

  • Programming of drawing in
  • Loading and unloading the machine
  • Attaching and adjusting the reed
  • Solving simple faults
  • Exchanging parts which wear out often
  • Operating the machine during the drawing-in process
  • Machine cleaning
  • Functioning and mode of operation of all relevant machine functions
  • Working with the machine software
  • Changes on the machine when using different sizes and types of
    healds and drop wires
  • Basic knowledge of carrying out common servicing and cleaning jobs
  • Fault diagnosis on mechanism and electronics, and troubleshooting


4 days (7 hours/day)

No. of participants:

1 to max. 3 persons



Training days:
on request

1.800 EUR excl. MwSt. (German VAT)