Tying technology 

Target group:
This course is specifically for persons responsible for the adjustment and maintenance of Knotmaster machines AS/3,TS/3, XS/3, RS/3, RSD/3, ZS/3, TS/3 TapeMaster with standard drive as well as KnotMaster Knot Control computer control units.

The course participants acquire the ability to knot a warp by themselves and to independently set up, operate and service the necessary aids and equipment such as tying frame and tying machine.

Tying technology basics:

  • Preparation of the warp in the tying frame
  • Function of the tying machine and tying of the warp threads
  • Components of the tying frame and the tying machine
    (drive, tying groups, computer control, etc.)
  • Maintenance and care of the entire tying installation
  • Optimal adjustment of the units
  • Operation, troubleshooting, fault removal
  • Tips and tricks

2 days (7 hours/day)

No. of participants:
1 to max. 6 persons


Training days:
on request

900 EUR excl. MwSt. (German VAT)