Highly Sought After – and Sophisticated 

Technical textiles are all products based on fibers and yarns that primarily serve technical and practical purposes rather than esthetic ones.

With enormous growth rates worldwide, the world market share of technical textiles currently lies at around 30 percent – and the trend is on the increase, because with their impressive performance features technical textiles are conquering the most varied sectors of industry.

  • As geotextiles, for land reclamation and cultivation
  • In medical technology, from bandages to cardiac-valve implants
  • They make things lighter, thus reducing emissions, in cars, ships and aerospace
  • In the apparel industry they guarantee increased safety via electrophysical functions or integrated electronics and microsystems technology, e.g. by detecting a patient's heart frequency
  • As durable and environmentally compatible construction materials, they are also used in architecture. One landmark project here is the longest textile-reinforced concrete bridge in the world, located in Albstadt-Lautlingen.