Less Weight – Longer Lasting  

Since November 2010 Albstadt-Lautlingen, not far from the Groz-Beckert headquarters, has been the site of the longest textile-reinforced concrete bridge in the world. The time had come to replace the original ferroconcrete bridge – and this was a perfect opportunity for Groz-Beckert to impressively demonstrate the potential of technical textiles.

The company co-planned the project together with the RWTH Aachen (Technical University of North Rhine Westphalia, Aachen) and worked on the construction together with the town of Albstadt. Groz-Beckert also paid the additional costs in relation to the conventional design with steel-reinforced concrete as well as the guarantee.

Specifically, the hundred-meter-long bridge has an epoxy-resin impregnated fiberglass fabric on the top and bottom of the parapet as well as a stirrup reinforcement in the bridge ribs. The connection here is formed by a warp-knit frayed structure. A total of 3,800 square meters of textile fabric were integrated into the six sections of the bridge. A further 3,800 square meters were used for test structures.

In comparison to conventional materials, the innovative solution offers significant advantages, including a considerable reduction in weight and far longer service life. Unsightly spalling or dangerous cracks in the concrete caused by corrosion of the steel are now a thing of the past.