Organized sustainability – Blue Competence 

In 2011 the association Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau e. V. (VDMA) launched the sustainability initiative Blue Competence. The initiative connects professional associations, institutions, and companies to create an efficient network for sustainable productions and products. About 400 organizations are presently part of Blue Competence – Groz-Beckert has been there from the start.

Like Groz-Beckert, the Blue Competence initiative considers all aspects of sustainability and by sustainable behavior means the balance and integration of ecological, economic and social objectives.

The members of the initiative took up the cause to promote innovative technologies and products, sustainably protect the environment and save resources. For this purpose the VDMA defined resilient criteria and standards that all partners of the initiative have to comply with. So, both the association and the members stand up for their conviction that a responsible use of natural resources and social responsibility are essential aspects of entrepreneurial action and the basis for long-term success.

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