Corporate principles – Well Designed, well produced 

At the Groz-Beckert Group, ecological, economical, and social responsibility go hand in hand with profitable growth. For this reason we committed ourselves to the principle of sustainability at all our locations.


Well-trained and qualified employees are the basis of long-term and lasting success. Avoiding hazards at the workplace as well as promotion of health are our top priority.

Customers, suppliers and partners

Intensive dialogues and a trust-based exchange of information are the basis of our cooperation with all external circles. The customer is in the focus of our actions and decision processes. It is our task to provide a package of products and services that are adapted to the customer's needs.

Know-how protection

Knowing about the sensibility of our own know-how, it goes without saying that we equally protect our customer's, supplier's, and partner's know-how. We set great value upon a trust-based cooperation.


We do not only care about the safety of our external partners at our locations, but also ensure to protect our Group from damage. For this reason we identify, assess, and minimize the substantial risks at our production sites all over the world. There are action plans for each known and relevant risk scenario. In the event of damage, these plans help to keep the effects at a level as low as possible.

Environmental protection and energy efficiency

One of our challenges is the protection of the environment and climate to conserve a sound environment for today's and also for tomorrow's generations. A responsible approach to resources already starts with the planning of our processes, products, and services.

Social and legal responsibility

The compliance with legal standards is a minimum requirement for us. Our company-internal standards apply to all our locations all over the world and have priority over local legal regulations, whenever they are more demanding. We commit ourselves to a social and ethic handling and distance ourselves in the strongest terms from any kind of corruption, discriminations, or child labor.

Continuous improvement process (CIP)

Our activities are systematically planned, executed, and controlled according to the plan-do-check-act cycle. We continuously critically question our actions with the objective of continuous improvement.