Supporting education – securing health 

The Health and Education Center (GEBIZ)

Assuming social responsibility has always been an important part of Groz-Beckert’s corporate philosophy. The new Health and Education Center (GEBIZ), inaugurated in Albstadt in September 2013, is a visible example of this.

On an area of 5,600 m² and with an investment of around 17.5 million euro, Groz-Beckert sets a signal: commitment to education and health is the responsibility of everybody – including companies. As operators of the different facilities Groz-Beckert got experienced partners on board.

For Groz-Beckert, the GEBIZ is more than an additional offer for employees. It is also a commitment to the location Albstadt and assumption of social responsibility.

Education department

A family-friendly corporate culture and improved compatibility of family and career – for many women and men this is a central element of their own life planning. With the education department, Groz-Beckert makes its contribution. Besides the day care center "Kita Malesfelsen", our education department also offers a private elementary school "Grundschule Malesfelsen" with all-day care. For Groz-Beckert this is a logical consequence as, for parents, child care often starts to become an issue only after the kindergarten period.

Day care center and elementary school form a well-matched unit. The common pedagogic concept is based on the idea of focusing on the child's perception of the world.

Emphasis is made on scientific-technical contents, providing a sound foundation in mathematics and German as well as bilingualism in German and English.

The operator of the day care center "Kita Malesfelsen" and private elementary school "Grundschule Malesfelsen" is the Klett Beteiligungsgesellschaft für Bildungsdienstleistungen. It is part of the Klett Group, one of the leading educational companies in Germany. Provider is the Groz-Beckert Bildungshaus gGmbH, an affiliated company of the Groz-Beckert Group.

Day care center "Kita Malesfelsen"

Elementary school "Grundschule Malesfelsen"

Health department

With the facilities of the health department, Groz-Beckert promotes the wellness and health of its employees and actively meets the challenges of the demographic change. To create a central place, all relevant areas were consolidated under one single roof: company's health insurance funds BKK Groz-Beckert, company doctor and company medics as well as the newly founded vital center "Vitalzentrum Malesfelsen", providing a prevention and training area with a corresponding physiotherapeutic office. As the facilities of the health department are working hand in hand, pursuing a common objective, they stand for an integral and comprehensive prevention and rehabilitation concept.

The prevention and training area of the vital center "Vitalzentrum Malesfelsen" is open to all employees of Groz-Beckert and its affiliated companies at the Albstadt site. Also former employees who went into retirement with Groz-Beckert and members of the BKK Groz-Beckert are invited to use the facilities.

In addition, each person authorized to use the facilities can bring along a family member or partner.

The offer ranges from individual and group trainings – especially adjusted to job-related requirements – and targeted measures for a quick reintegration into employment through to individual equipment training. Additionally, in two spacious rooms a variety of courses is offered: classical health and movement classes as well as classes for specific target groups. For total relaxation after workout there is a lounge area with sauna and infrared cabin.

The physiotherapy office in the vital center "Vitalzentrum Malesfelsen" is public and approved by health insurance companies. The team of experienced physiotherapists provides expert support for health preservation and recovery. Private services like wellness massages or kinesiotaping complete the wide range of services.

Vital center "Vitalzentrum Malesfelsen"

BKK Groz-Beckert