A Constant eye on the Future 

Protecting natural resources and keeping a healthy environment intact: Groz-Beckert sets itself these challenges in a pioneering role within the textile industry and emphasizes them with numerous successful measures. However, sustainability in terms of its people has for the company an even wider meaning.

A very important aspect for Groz-Beckert is education. Schools and universities are supported and partially integrated into research work in the form of joint ventures. Groz-Beckert also supports charities as well as projects in the science, research, art and cultural sectors. Many of these activities are sponsored by the Groz-Beckert Foundation. The health insurance fund BKK Groz-Beckert is naturally also open to members of employees' families. The same applies to the Health and Education Center (GEBIZ).

A successful company requires a fully-functioning community – and Groz-Beckert is contributing to that.