Always up to date – the Groz-Beckert online newsletter 

Stay up to date with the Groz-Beckert online newsletter. The newsletter not only informs about company news. It also takes a look beyond the textile world of today and tomorrow.

In 2010 the first Groz-Beckert newsletter was published, since 2014 in three different formats:

  • "Magazine" – reading matter for the industry. This form of the Groz-Beckert Online Newsletter is published regularly and provides the entire textile sector with information on a wide range of topics and technologies.
  • "News" – the extra sheet. This special edition is published at irregular intervals and is always devoted to a specific theme - either with fascinating information about individual textile manufacturing and joining methods, or with many aspects of a specific topic across all segments of the textile industry.
  • "Ticker" – the telegram. The shortest of all the Groz-Beckert Online Newsletter forms gives you up-to-date information on special events, providing important tips – it's short, precise and fast.

As a subscriber to the Groz-Beckert Online Newsletter, you'll always have an overview about current and future developments..







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