Prestigious Award – the KYOCERA Environmental Prize 


Albstadt/Bonn: On April 29, 2010 at the Economics Day, held in Germany's former Bundestag in Bonn, Groz-Beckert was awarded the KYOCERA Environmental Prize. The jury of high-ranking experts was presided over by former Federal Environment Minister Klaus Töpfer. The KYOCERA Environment Prize is one of the highest-value competitions for environmental protection in Germany and focuses on innovation, market potential, environmental relief and also transferability to other companies. The prize proves yet again that Groz-Beckert takes an exemplary attitude to economic, ecological and social responsibility.

The litespeed®-needle for high-speed circular knitting machines is an outstanding development of the knitting machine components division. Alongside the Groz-Beckert Laboratory, many more divisions of the company have made their own contributions to a successful market rollout. Optimisation of the needle geometry, i.e. partial diminution of the shank thickness, has reduced weight and friction of the needle in the needle trick. This means that less energy is required for the needle movement, and the energy consumption of the machine has also been sharply reduced. Tests have provided impressive results in terms of sustainability as well: if all relevant machines worlwide were equipped with litespeed®-needles, it would result in an annual CO² reduction of over 475.000 tonnes.


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