International textile conference in Albstadt: Groz-Beckert
invited customers and partners to an innovative exchange 


Albstadt/Germany: On Thursday, 22 September 2016, Groz-Beckert invited partners and customers to Albstadt for an event with many expert presentations from the textile industry. Around 160 international participants from highly innovative textile industry companies accepted the invitation.

As part of the event, Groz-Beckert presented their new study of global textile production. The work combines analyses and market data from the areas of yarn production and textile manufacture, offering a holistic and unique insight into the textile industry. As well as the presentation "The Fabric Year", numerous exciting and informative expert talks awaited the international industry professionals in the audience.

After the welcoming address by Eric Schöller, Member of the Executive Board of Groz-Beckert KG, the day started with a talk by Andreas Engelhardt, who presented extracts from his publication "The Fiber Year", whose data was the basis for "The Fabric Year". He was followed by Dr. Karl-Michael Schumann, Contarix GmbH, who gave a presentation about innovative products in the nonwoven industry. Then Jan Kettemann, Schlegel und Partner GmbH, spoke about the varied applications for textiles in cars.

After a lunch break, the topic of textiles in the automotive industry was revisited by Omar Cividini, Brembo S.p.A. His presentation was devoted to the use of textile fibers in braking systems. Dr. Monica Segata from Italcementi S.p.A. then highlighted another innovative application of textile: The construction industry. Then a presentation by formerly long-time Nike Manager Linda Keppinger, from MaterialsMove, gave unique insights into the innovation process of large brands.

Finally, a talk by Andreas Engelhardt and Martin Weiler, market research at Groz-Beckert KG, presented data and analyses from "The Fabric Year". The analyses in the specialist publication combine a variety of data sources, such as textile machine quantities available in the market and production data of the fiber industry. The work therefore creates completely new and exclusive insights into the global textile industry.

The day concluded with an evening buffet dinner, which offered the space for professional exchanges.

About Groz-Beckert

Groz-Beckert is the world’s leading provider of industrial machine needles, precision parts and fine tools as well as systems and services for the production and joining of textile fabrics. The products and services support the fields of knitting, weaving, felting, tufting, carding and sewing. The family-owned company, founded in 1852, employed around 7,800 people and generated a turnover of around €628 Mio. in 2015. Groz-Beckert operates with agencies, production and distribution subsidiaries in more than 150 countries around the world.

In the picture from left to right

Eric Schöller, Member of the Executive Board of Groz-Beckert KG
Dr. Monica Segata, Italcementi S.p.A.
Dr. Karl-Michael Schumann, Contarix GmbH
Linda Keppinger, MaterialsMove
Andreas Engelhardt, The Fiber Year GmbH
Martin Weiler, Groz-Beckert KG
Omar Cividini, Brembo S.p.A
Jan Kettemann, Schlegel und Partner GmbH


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