Automotive Interior - the selection of the right needle 

Nonwovens are essential components of each car – the over 40 fields of application give clear proof of this. Especially with visible nonwovens in cars, surface quality plays an important role. At the ITMA Asia Groz-Beckert presents special needle solutions precisely for this sector. The needled nonwovens used here are subdivided into structured and flat needled products. Depending on the requirements of the customers from the automotive industry and under consideration of the application field of the finished product, different needle types are suitable for the production.

Special requirements - the right needle for each application

Parcel shelf


The quality demands for structured and smooth surfaces are as varied as the requirements on the needles used to produce them.

In the production of flat needled items, felting needles with conventional barbs (KV barbs) stand for a uniform surface quality and high process stability – with reasonable costs.

The best possible surface quality is achieved with the EcoStar® felting needle. But this is not the only advantage of this universal felting needle over standard needles: it also gives a higher lifetime and needs a lower penetration force to provide the same efficiency during fiber transport. It is typically used for parcel shelves.

Trunk liner

If efficiency is the priority in the production of smooth surfaces, the Twisted felting needle is the right choice. With its twisted working part, the barbs are used in a more defined way. Other than an efficient needling, this also allows higher production speeds.

If a grainy or a velvety surface quality is desired, structuring needles are what the customer needs. Depending on the product specification, the following needles can be used

  • Crown needles (for a velvety surface)
  • Fork needles (for a grainy surface)
  • Or a combination of crown and fork needles (for a very dense and stable surface)

The application field for structured products for the automotive industry ranges from the floor area to door panels to trunk liners to headliners.

Quality, efficiency, process stability, and performance


With its needle range for the production of nonwovens, especially for automotive interiors, Groz-Beckert meets the challenge to provide optimum quality, process reliability, and stability and at the same time reduce production costs. Groz-Beckert considers itself the partner for all demands of the automotive industry and adjusts its offer to the individual requirements of its customers.