Filtration – Groz-Beckert needles for filtration felts 

Sustainability and environmental protection remain important issues in the textile industry. This also shows the consistently growing market of filtration technology. In this context, filter media play an important role: they collect solids and clean liquids and air of pollutants.

Filter media – the selection of the right needle

Filter tube


Groz-Beckert offers the right felting needles for differently needled filter media. They are distinguished by their barb size and barb shape as well as gauge and cross section of the working part.


For a high surface quality, for instance, a combination of GEBECON® and EcoStar® felting needles can be recommended. The stable GEBECON® needle ensures a good surface finish during the pre-needling phase, while the use of the EcoStar® in intermediate and finish needling results in the best possible surface quality of the final product.

Where high efficiency is the priority, the Twisted needle is the right choice. With its twisted working part the barbs of this newly developed needle are used in a more defined way. Other than that, this needle also allows higher production speeds.

Depending on the final application, different needles with their specific properties are recommended. Groz-Beckert not only helps you to select the right tools, but with its product range also guarantees a consistently high quality, high process stability and reduced production costs.


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