Felting needle with conical working part 

Conical needle

Conical working part

Uniform needling effect, far less needle breakage 

The benefits of felting needles with conical working parts in comparison to standard working parts lie mainly in the increased stability – also with higher material weights and bending stresses.


The long, slim-line point style helps reduce initial penetration force to a minimum, and the extended transition between the working part and the intermediate section plays a decisive role in improving needle life.

The benefits at a glance:


  • High stability 
  • Reduced needle breakage with high weights and bending stresses 
  • Reduced penetration force due to barbs growing similar toward the point 
  • Fewer machine downtimes 
  • Constant and economically efficient production 
  • High uptimes

Recycling material

Facts and figures

Felting needles with conical working parts are mainly used for needling recycled materials. They are generally recommended for product weights of 1,000 gsm and upward.

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