Cross STAR 

Cross STAR®

Star-shaped four-edged working part

Efficient needling even with heavy weights

In cross-section, the working part of the Cross STAR® needle resembles an equilateral four-pointed star. The arrangement of barbs on four edges results in optimal product properties.

The benefits of the Cross STAR® at a glance:


  • Ideal for geotextiles - with all product weights with uniform MD/CD ratio
  • Special working part cross section - increased efficiency during needling of geotextiles and technical felts


Applícations and details

An exceptionally special needle, the Cross STAR® is particularly suitable for needling high product weights. It enables uniform material properties and achieves the highest lateral and longitudinal tensile strengths.

Applications in the geo-nonwovens sector – e.g. landscaping, drainage felts or heavyweight mats – are all well covered by needle gauges 32 - 46.

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