Felting needles for filter felts 

How filter media work

Ideally equipped for future requirements

Needle felts filter liquids, trap solids and purify air of contaminants.

There is a fundamental distinction between surface filtration and deep filtration. Surface filters are generally reusable. Depth filters are usually only used once. They are commonly available as hoses, bags, containers or off the roll.

With the increasing importance of sustainability as a concept, the filter technologies market is steadily growing. Needled felts are benefiting greatly from this development.

Triangular shaped working part

Teardrop shaped working part

The right felting needle

The right selection of felting needles plays a crucial role here. Fibers must be damaged as little as possible, which is why needles with small barbs and with three-dimensional, rounded shapes are used and reflect the Groz-Beckert standard. With fibers that are high-strength, felting needles with a reduced number of barbs and a reinforced working part cross section, are more suitable.

Barb depth

Coordinated barb geometry

Tolerances in the 1/1000 millimeter range and absolute uniformity in production guarantee the highest precision in barb dimensions on every single felting needle. The essential requirements of customers worldwide are fulfilled here where processing reliability and reproducibility are concerned. This results in a constantly high level of quality during filter production.

For optimal needling results, precise coordination of barb geometry with the fiber is extremely important. This means that the thicker the fiber, the deeper the barb should be.

Air filter

The benefits of needled felts:


  • Cost-efficient production
  • High fiber retention rates
  • Suitable for deformable and non-deformable gel-like particles
  • Defined determination of pore sizes through targeted selection of needle fineness and barb size
  • High elasticity compared to other textile constructions
  • High flexibility with regard to width, thickness, volume, etc.
  • High air permeability, large fiber surface
  • Combinable with other textile or non-textile surfaces

The large number of suitable needle types with different barb sizes, barb shapes, working part gauges and working part cross sections enables Groz-Beckert to offer the ideal felting needle for all needled filter media.

Like to find out more about felting needles for filter felts from Groz-Beckert? Just read the relevant product brochure under "Further Information". Discover more about the topic of diversity, about different equipment and about fiber types used in different filter media.