GEBECON® felting needle 

Masters high requirements placed on flexibility and breaking resistance

Uniform compactness combined with lower risk of breakage and controlled web draft, even at extremely high production speeds: GEBECON® felting needles from Groz-Beckert have impressive properties. 

GEBECON® felting needles are distinctive for their higher stability in relation to standard felting needles, and retain their needle elasticity.
Economically efficient implementation of a Groz-Beckert felting needle with intermediate reduced working part meets the requirements for a wide range of applications with coarse and fine gauges.


In comparison to standard felting needles, GEBECON® felting needles feature all kinds of benefits:


  • Uniform bending strength while retaining higher flexibility
  • Minimized danger of needle breakage via compensation of peak loads on the basis of ideal dynamic behavior
  • Less soiling during needling of waste fibers, and less soiling of felting needles, needleboard, bed plates and stripper plates
  • Optimized point and working-part design
  • Higher deflection during load test in relation to conical-needle solutions used so far

Imitation leather applications

Imitation leather - the base material

Typical areas of application

Groz-Beckert GEBECON® felting needles are especially suited to the following applications:


  • Synthetic leather production
  • Needling of high-tenacity fibers, e.g. Aramids with high elasticity modulus
  • High-speed and waste-fiber needling with improved, homogeneous vertical fiber transportation

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