Paper-machine felting needle 

Felting needle with teardrop shaped working part

Teardrop shaped working part

Teardrop shaped working part and compact barbs –
maximum protection of base material

For all problem areas where maximum gentleness on the needled product is required, a teardrop shaped working part offers perfect prerequisites.

With just one edge equipped with barbs on the otherwise rounded working part, an extremely gentle effect is achieved on the warp and weft thread networks of the base material, and needling results remain constant. Due to the altered looping angle in the barb area, even more effective needling is achieved.

Felting needle with triangular shaped working part

Triangular shaped working part

Triangular shaped working part – for uniform stability

The fact that the small barbs lie closely adjacent to each other means the best needling results, plus minimal damage to either fibers or carrier material. The possible variants here are: all edges occupied, or needles with barbs on only one or on two edges. The triangular shaped working part is specially suited to the needling of paper-machine and filter felts. The standard working part cross section is an equilateral triangle with rounded edges for constant stability in all directions during deflection.

Paper-machine felts

Applications and details

Typical areas of application for felting needles with triangular shaped and teardrop-shaped working parts are all types of needled nonwovens with base material, and especially paper-machine and filter felts.

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