Fork needles and crown needles 

Crown needle

Fork needle

For the production of high-quality Random Velours Products

Depending on the specifications, crown needles or fork needles can be used in the production of high-quality velour products. A combination of both needle types is quite common.

Here, crown needles create an especially even surface structure, while fork needles create a grainier one. The combination of both felting needles results in very thick velour products with uniform and consistent surface quality.

Fork needle

The three-dimensional, rounded fork geometry guarantees gentle fiber take-up – and also extends needle service life. The optimum straightness prevents needle breakage or bending. Fork needles with a working part diameter of up to 43 gauge and extremely small fork dimensions, are designed especially for the production of ultra-fine velour.

Crown needle

The high dimensional accuracy of the barbs, and a very low, precisely maintained barb distance enable simultaneous fiber take-up during structuring. Thanks to this technological advantage, a uniform velour surface is achieved. Crown needles from Groz-Beckert reliably fulfill the highest requirements, e.g. in automobile interiors.

Groz-Beckert product portfolio

Conventional needle gauges for the creation of structured products are 36 - 40gg for crown needles, and 25 - 30gg / 38 - 42gg for fork needles. In addition to these gauges, Groz-Beckert also supplies fork needles in 43 gauge.

Velour products

Benefits and details

The characteristic qualities of fine-gauge fork needles - Overview:


  • High uniformity during the structuring process
  • Pronounced loops (grainy texture)
  • Very dense surface quality, thanks to high fiber transportation capacity
  • Product appearance can be influenced by "DG" and "VG" fork settings

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