Equilateral triangular shaped working part profile

Three in one: intensive needling, gentle on fiber, and high quality

Tri STAR® needles are distinctive for their concave shaped working-part surfaces with narrower edge angles. This provides better fiber transport due to the enhanced grip of fibers in the barb. Fiber transportation is improved, leading to more intensive needling. 

The cross sectional area of the equilateral shaped working part of the Tri STAR® is around 8% smaller than a standard triangular-shaped working part.

Tri STAR® needles are used for production of geo-nonwovens for highway construction, separation and filter felts, coating carriers, safety nonwovens and geo-membranes.

Bituminous roofing substrate

Roofing membrane

Clear benefits

The benefits of the Tri STAR® in relation to a standard needle lie in the applications, the required product characteristics, and the machines on which it is used:


  • Higher compaction of the nonwoven
  • Reduced material thickness with the same weights
  • Economic benefits through greater run lengths of the rolls
  • Faster line speeds
  • Higher productivity
  • Less downtimes
  • Efficient punching even with a low needle density

Filter media

Facts and figures

Tri STAR® needles – in comparison to Cross STAR® needles – are generally used with lower product weights. All gauges from 32 to 46 are available.

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