Working part cross section

Twisted - the felting needle for high tear forces

The felting needle Twisted with twisted working part is the latest innovation complementing the Groz-Beckert product range.

Clear benefits

The benefits of the Twisted needle in relation to a standard needle lie in the defined twisted working part:

  • More efficient needling due to higher fiber transportation
  • Improved tensile strength and better isotropic properties (MD:CD ratio) of the end product due to modified barb arrangement
  • Optimized surface quality of the end product
  • Higher production speeds possible due to reduced penetration density
  • Good compaction of the non-woven fabric
  • Compared to standard felting needles, the twisted working part does not cause any detrimental bending strength properties.
  • Higher degree of splitting when using microfibers

Filter hose

Luggage compartment lining

Application segments

  • Automotive sector (visible areas)
  • Filtration

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