Vario barb needle 

Vario barb needle

Standard triangular-shaped working part

For the needling of natural and recycled fibers

As a complementary product, the vario barb needle is also part of the Groz-Beckert range of felting and structuring needles. It is categorized between standard needles and conical needles. In comparison to a similar standard needle, the staggered barb sizes create less penetration force – which is gentle on material!


A vario barb needle can also be advantageous with fiber mixtures because of its different barb sizes, since several different fiber diameters can be transported.


The barbs of the vario barb needle are designed in such a way that they get smaller toward the point. This results in an advantageous reduction of penetration force. The needle is deflected less, and this reduces the danger of breakage. The larger barbs further down guarantee effective needling. The vario barb needle from Groz-Beckert is in use across the entire natural and recycled fiber needling spectrum.

Natural fibers

A perfect enhancement

In the production of some nonwovens, the vario barb needle can coincide with the conical needle. As soon as fluctuations in the raw fiber material radically increase the danger of breakage, specially designed conical needles are the ideal solution. Vario barb needles are especially suitable for needling natural fibers and recycled fibers.

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