HyTec D 

Perfect water curtain - thanks to jet strip HyTec® D

New precision for spunlace systems

Groz-Beckert is working continuously and intensively on application-oriented further development of the HyTec® jet strip. 

The result can be seen in the newly developed jet strip HyTec® D. 

Tests within Groz-Beckert as well as outside the company have proven the following benefits:


  • Nozzle edges with improved wear resistance
  • Reduced energy consumption due to optimized nozzle edges
  • Perfectly aligned formation of the water curtain
  • Excellent surface quality to prevent dirt accumulation

The new jet strip HyTec® D has been optimally adapted for use in spunlace systems in terms of both hardness and durability.

Like to find out more about the newly developed jet strip HyTec® D from Groz-Beckert? Just read the relevant product brochure under "Further Information".