Customized Precision Components (CPC) 

Metallurgical expertise meets microtechnology

With the product sector Customized Precision Components (CPC), formerly Ceramic Punching Components, Groz-Beckert has consistently acquired a new sphere of operations. The basis for the development of new punching technologies was solid know-how in microtechnology and metallurgical expertise from the company's core business. Successful establishment of this product sector has resulted in synergy effects leading to diversification and value added.

Customized Precision Components (CPC) are carbide tools, punches and dies for special machines plus precision micro-components with the highest quality standards and production tolerances. Production requires the highest precision and care. Groz-Beckert fulfills these demands – all the way down to the μ range. The product portfolio extends from special punching tools and precision micro-components to precision parts for LTCC/MLC technology.

Special punching tools – a unique technology

The experience Groz-Beckert derives from its core business and the mission to provide solutions for technological challenges is what primarily drives the development of new punching tools. These include complete punching systems as well as exchange elements for the micro-perforation of foils.

For the development and construction of punching tools, Groz-Beckert is available as a full service provider. The objective is to fulfill all the customers' requirements, and together with them the CPC team elaborates solutions and further improves already existing components. Cooperation like this led to a patented method of punching extremely thin foil – a unique technology making it possible to process complex forms and different materials, including ceramics for LTCC/MLC technology, copper or aluminum foil for energy-saving technology, and also plastics.

Precision micro-components – the subtle difference

It was the comprehensive know-how from the former CPC product sector (LTCC/MLC technology) and the mature production methods that gave the company the idea of extending the production program to include the precision micro-component sector.

This is where maximum precision is required: tiny drill holes up to 40μ, high-precision concentricity and production tolerances below 1μ are all important characteristics. In additional to carbide, other materials can also be processed – steel or ceramic, for instance. Products with tiny drill holes, high surface quality and the highest formal tolerance are the special field here.

The areas of application are many and varied: micro-metering systems, micro-actuators and measuring technologies as well as tool construction and mechanical engineering. This is why CPC customers also include companies from the aerospace industry.

Precision components for LTCC/MLC technology – Impressive quality

LTCC/MLC = Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic/Multi-Layer Ceramic

Groz-Beckert components for punching are distinctive for their outstanding grind quality as well as their formal and dimensional accuracy.

Punches and bushings

Components for the punching of ceramic foils are used in numerous different sectors. They are available for single punch units as well as for complex punching systems, with over 300 punching positions and a diameter of up to 50μ.


Forming punches

Alongside the classic round punches Groz-Beckert also manufactures CPC for special shapes. The use of state-of-the-art production technology enables the most diverse forms to be created. For example, a corner radius of up to 30μ is possible.

Ejector Pins

Groz-Beckert provides precision for bonding applications. The CPC ejector pins are also distinctive for their long service life and high surface quality.

Laminate cutting

The highest demands are placed on knives for cutting unfired ceramic. Groz-Beckert manufactures highest-precision knives according to your requirements.

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