Laboratory Services 

Laboratory competence from industry for industry: analyses, consulting, solutions

The outstanding quality and precision of Groz-Beckert products rest not only on the materials and production processes but also on sound analyses in the laboratory, which make it possible to fully tap potential. This know-how and expertise is offered by Laboratory Services from Groz-Beckert.

The Laboratory

The laboratory, with experts from chemists to materials engineers, is located in the Technology and Development Center (TEZ) at Groz-Beckert headquarters, and it also makes its services available to external customers. The sound knowledge and advanced technologies from Laboratory Services are already benefiting numerous companies in the textile industry and the mechanical engineering, medical technology and precision mechanics sectors, as well as metalworking companies in the automotive industry.

Scope of services

Structured in modular fashion, the service offering from Laboratory Services provides simple analyses as well as complete system analyses with suggestions for optimization. If wear, fatigue or corrosion occur and materials need to be tested or improved, Laboratory Services are the ideal contact partner. The scope of services covers the areas of failure analysis, chemical analysis, materials consulting, materials development and textile testing. In detail, the following services are offered:

  • Mechanical-technological tests
  • Heat treatment experiments up to 1,200 °C
  • Test for chemical composition
  • Metallography
  • Corrosion analyses
  • Environmental analytics
  • Lubricant analyses
  • Water/wastewater analyses
  • Materials analysis for plastics
  • Galvanochemical analyses
  • Failure analyses
  • Consulting

The benefits at a glance

Laboratory Services sees itself as a service and know-how provider. Whether lab services or the elaboration of individual solutions, customers benefit from the "material science and chemistry" combination as well as from solid knowledge and market proximity. The following are also included:

  • Specific research into causes
  • Individual approaches to solutions
  • Fast and solution-oriented processing
  • High level of professional expertise
  • State-of-the-art technologies
  • Complete material and process analyses from a single source

Whether it involves application consulting, accompaniment of new processes, components and product rollouts, failure analysis, chemical analysis, materials consulting or materials development: the experts from the Groz-Beckert Laboratory look forward to complex and challenging tasks.

Like to find out more about the services, equipment and possibilities offered by the laboratory? Then just read the brochure under "Further Information". If you have any questions the team from the Laboratory will be happy to answer them at any time: