Knitting-machine needles – Overview 

The lightweight way to CO2 reduction

Many years of research and development together with customers and machine manufacturers all over the world have paid dividends. The result is an impressive needle for high-performance circular knitting machines: the litespeed®.

Precision in perfection

Producing ultra-fine knitted fabrics on large diameter circular knitting machines and on seamless body size machines places the highest requirements on needle precision. The new Vo-LC™ generation from Groz-Beckert fulfills these demands.

Higher product quality, process reliability and product diversity

Exceptional stress exerted on the needle hook requires a specially built needle. With G00 technology, Groz-Beckert has developed a design for knitting-machine needles that prevents the hook from benting.

Universal potential, unerring precision

The performance potential of the steel composite high-performance needle coincides with two key requirements: no need for maintenance, and the highest performance. The benefits of the meander-shaped low-profile needle and of the full-shank needle are rolled into one.

Tight tolerances, high value added

Only precise latch positioning ensures that the needle latch moves axially and radially with hardly any deviation, thus guaranteeing optimal latch guidance. Groz-Beckert provides the right solutions.

Developed for extreme requirements

During knitting, the hook comes under tremendous stress. If there is additional pressure, the hook can bend or break. To prevent this, Groz-Beckert developed the conical hook.

Wings bring freedom

A needle with a transfer clip or wing has a transfer area between the loop forming area and the needle shank that is shaped like a wing. Needles from Groz-Beckert have proven themselves at customers worldwide!

For the highest requirements in modern loop forming

Complex loop forming sequences and the most varied production demands: for the high requirements of modern flat knitting machines, needles and system parts from Groz-Beckert are ideal.

High process reliability, uniform fabrics

Manufacturing high-quality knitted fabrics requires optimal interplay of machines, needles and yarns. To solve this, Groz-Beckert developed needles made from flatstock steel instead of wire shanksteel, the result of which increases shank rigidity.

The new packaging solution for fine gauge needles

Optimal protection, improved removal, safe needle handling: with the PremioBox Groz-Beckert offers an innovative packaging solution that corresponds one hundred percent to the quality of the knitting-machine needles. Premium quality inside and outside!