G00 technology 

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Extraordinary stress exerted on the needle hook – resulting from knots or excessive slubs in the yarn – require a special needle. With G00 technology, Groz-Beckert has developed a design for knitting-machine needles that successfully prevents the hook from bending.

G0 and G00 in comparison

G0 design

G00 design
The G0 needle is designed for common hook loads and for normal needle use. This applies above all to knitted fabrics that are less likely to produce vertical lines, and also to jacquard.

The G00 needle is better suited whenever the hook encounters stress more frequently from yarns with slubs and knots – and where even a slightly bent hook results in unacceptable longitudinal stripes in the fabric.

G0 features


If the forces exceeds the elasticity limit of the needle hook, plastic deformation results, and the hook bends. In the force-extension diagram, this area is marked in red. After the maximum degree of bending is reached, the needle hook breaks off.


The G0 is designed in such a way that under overload conditions, the hook bends before it breaks.

G00 features


Up to the elasticity limit, the G0 and the G00 needles display identical behavior. Since the G00 design has only very minimal plastic deformation, the hook breaks shortly after the elasticity limit has been exceeded.


A plastic, i.e. permanent deformation of the hook cannot be established in practice.


Benefits of the G0 design:

  • Flawless product with delicate knitted fabric
  • The hook breaks only after high forces have been applied
  • Minimal needle-related downtimes

Benefits of the G00 design:


  • Even with delicate knitted fabrics, problematic yarns and high machine speeds, streaks from bent hooks can now be avoided.
  • The hook breaks due to overload which is easily detected.

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