Patent needles 

High process reliability, even and uniform fabrics

The production of high-quality crochet warp-knit fabrics requires optimal interplay between machines, needles and yarns.

Selvedge needles in particular are subject to high levels of stress in modern crochet knitting machines, resulting in problems due to lateral bending. This leads to reduced quality and machine downtime.

Groz-Beckert patent needles – die Benefits:

The solution developed by Groz-Beckert involves the use of flatstock rather than wire shank forms. The resulting increase in the shank rigidity, the more uniform punched shape and the superior surface polish in the loop forming area guarantee an absolutely even, uniform fabric quality.

  • Higher stability
  • Maximum uniformity
  • Higher process reliability
  • Improved fabric quality
  • Higher productivity
  • Reduced needle consumption
  • Compatible with existing wire butt types

Groz-Beckert patent needles – practical innovations

Concave side milling – facilitates yarn insertion behind the beard and ensures reliable loop formation of the warp yarn

Extended milling – permits the yarn to be inserted more easily behind the beard from different positions

Hump towards the front – loop slides smoothly over the hook with little resistance

High-curved head – Special design, e.g. for narrow-fabric looms

Groove positioned on the underside – relieves stress on the loops

Hump to the rear – Functions as a buffer for yarn flutter (caused by low yarn infeed tension)

Reverse plating head – increases pattern-making capabilities

Pointed head – For piercing of textile fabrics

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