The new packaging solution for fine gauge needles

Optimal protection, improved removal, safe needle handling: with the PremioBox, Groz-Beckert provides an innovative packaging solution that corresponds one hundred percent to the quality of the knitting-machine needles. Premium quality inside – and out!

The PremioBox features an extremely flexible design. The needles can be removed either singly or in packs. A special holding-down element facilitates needle removal. Nothing slips out and nothing gets caught. This ensures perfect conditions for quick machine needling.

The loop forming part of the needles is also protected by a special spring, which keeps the latch in the open position. This enables direct knitting-on!

Whereas conventional packaging solutions contain only 50 needles, the PremioBox has room for 125 needles. The advantage of the division into five easy-to-handle packs of 25 is that the needles can be inserted into the machine without a problem. The option of inserting a higher number of needles, and the risk of bending one or more needle is now a thing of the past.