Steel composite high-performance needles 

Universal potential, high performance

Steel composite high-performance needles from Groz-Beckert are just as dirt-resistant as conventional full-shank needles. Intensive tests at customers have confirmed that they have the same or even better performance than meander-shaped low-profile needles. For many years now, steel composite high-performance needles from Groz-Beckert have been in successful operation at many leading companies.

Knitters and machine builders appreciate the high quality of Groz-Beckert products and the company's innovative strength. This of course also applies to further developments and entirely new ones. One example is the patented, maintenance-free steel composite high-performance needle.

The performance of this needle coincides with two key customer requirements: maintenance-free and high-performance.

The road to the new needle

In circular knitting machines, full-shank needles are used for maintenance-free knitting, and meander-shaped low-profile needles for high productivity.


If both requirements are important, the best solution so far was provided by double low-profile needles. They combine low maintance requirements with high performance. However, they were not, completely maintenance free.


This is exactly where steel composite high-performance needles for knitting machines from Groz-Beckert come in.

Position in the knitting machine

During knitting – especially when spun yarns are being processed - a great deal of fiber fly, dust and dirt collects in needle cut-outs and tricks. These substances are then contaminated with oil and finely abraded metal which then become compacted and securely lodged within the knitting elements.


This build-up of contamination clogs the needle trick and increases friction. This causes the needles to slow down and to slightly rise up, with the result that the needle may touch parts of the cams.

Results of contamination:

Severe friction

  • Wear and tear on needles and machines
  • Needle breakage
  • High machine temperature
  • Excessive energy consumption

Fluctuating friction

  • Lines in the knitted fabric
  • Poor fabric quality

Frequent machine cleaning

  • Machine stoppages
  • Lower productivity
  • Higher manpower costs and higher expenses

The steel composite high-performance needles from Groz-Beckert combine the benefits of the meander-shaped low-profile needle with those of the full-shank needle.

Practice shows that steel composite high-performance needles are just as maintenance-free as full-shank needles – and that machine speed can be just as high as with the proven meander-shaped low-profile needles. Or even higher, as various field tests have proven.

Benefits of steel composite high-performance needles:

  • Higher process reliability
  • Better fabric quality
  • High productivity
  • Reduced needle consumption
  • Lower machine maintenance costs
  • Less wear and tear on needles and machines

High lint contamination with meander-shaped low-profile needle

Because of their performance, meander-shaped low-profile needles are today the standard needles for modern high-performance machines. During the processing of yarns, dirt can collect in the needle cut-outs. Depending on the degree of contamination, knitting machines need to be cleaned between 4 and 8 times a year.

Moderate lint contamination with full-shank needle

The proven full-shank needles for low-speed machines have fewer problems with dirt and contamination. During the needles' service life the machines only rarely need to be cleaned.

The maintanence free steel composite high-performance needles

Steel composite high-performance needles have a double low profile and therefore offer the same efficient cushioning properties as low-profile meander-shaped needles. The cut-outs are filled with plastic, so no more dirt or contamination can collect there.

Like to find out more about steel composite high-performance needles from Groz-Beckert? Just read the product brochure under "Further Information".