Precision in perfection

The production of especially fine knitted fabrics on circular knitting machines and on seamless bodysize machines places the highest requirements on needle precision. The new Vo-LC™ generation from Groz-Beckert is the right solution for:

  • Ultrafine knitted fabrics with an optimal and even loop structure
  • Maximum machine speeds
  • Processing safety in production



Hairline precision - Vo-LC™ needles from Groz-Beckert

SEM Image: Needle Thickness relative to a human hair (25-fold magnification) 

SEM Image: Needle Thickness relative to a human hair (250-fold magnification)

SEM Image: Fine fabric relative to a human hair

All Groz-Beckert knitting-machine needles are manufactured with extreme precision. Vo-LC™ needles with the Loop Control®-design represent the absolute peak. To create a loop structure that is absolutely even, tight tolerances are essential in production – tolerances narrower than the diameter of a human hair.

The outstanding features of the Vo-LC™ in Loop Control®:

  • Optimized production technology and precision manufacture
  • Proven Groz-Beckert product characteristics like G00-technology
  • Numerous patented details

The result: the most precise knitting-machine needles available on the market!

Where are Vo-LC™ needles used?


Seamless Bodysize


All needles used in Seamless Bodysize machines will in future be designated as Vo-LC™. The needle name "Hofa-Spec." will in future be exclusively limited to the seamless sector.



Large circular knitting in fine gauge


All needles used in circular knitting machines and which have a needle thickness less than 0.36 mm will in future be designated as Vo-LC™. From a needle thickness of 0.36 mm and upward, there will be no change to the needle designation.


Vo-LC™ needles differ from the design until now through the addition of the letters LC™ in the needle designation, as in the following example:

Sector Designation hitherto New Vo-LC™ design
Seamless Bodysize Hofa-Spec. 70.41 G 0304 Vo-LC™ 70.41 G 05
Large circular knitting in fine gauge Vo 102.21 G 001 Vo-LC™ 102.21 G 001
circular knitting – litespeed ® in fine gauge Vo-LS 141.30 G 001 Vo-LS-LC™ 141.30 G 001

Like to find out more about Vo-LC™ needle from Groz-Beckert? Just read the product brochure under Further Information".