The innovation for cylinder exchange on circular knitting machines


Cylinder exchange on circular knitting machines is often difficult, personnel-intensive and time-consuming. Valuable production time goes to waste.

The Groz-Beckert CylinderMaster is the solution here:


  • Fast and safe changes using a unique lifting tool
  • Easy, user-friendly handling

High efficiency during cylinder changes

Standard equipment of the CylinderMaster


 CylinderMaster – Function and operation


The CylinderMaster, consisting of multi-component guide rails and a winch, is secured to the feeder assembly.

The winch is used to lift out the cylinder or lower it into place. The guide rail is used to move the cylinder easily and safely once it has been raised for removal.

The standard equipment package includes not only a fixture for fastening at the feeder assembly but also a fixing cross with three extending arms.

Fixing cross with 4 extending arms

Special mount





Using specially developed accessories that are compatible with the standard equipment package, the CylinderMaster can be quickly and simply converted to work with other cylinder types, e.g. cylinders without threaded bore, or for other feeder assemblies. The competent Groz-Beckert local sales team will be glad to advise you.

Like to find out more about the CylinderMaster from Groz-Beckert? Just read the product brochure under "Further Information".