Packaging solution for sinkers 

Elaborate arrangement and sorting – now a thing of the past thanks to the Groz-Beckert packaging solution


The special method of holding the sinkers makes handling much easier. The innovative packaging directly helps users to improve their cost-efficiency. Less handling time directly reduces set-up times. The result: lower production costs than the competition.

Sinker replacement is now much easier

The innovative packaging solution for sinkers offers numerous benefits:


  • The sinkers lie in parallel position and no longer need to be time-consumingly lined up before insertion.
  • Once removed, sinkers can easily be re- inserted in the parts bundle.
  • Thanks to this innovative bundling method, no lateral pressure is exerted on the sinker bundle, greatly reducing the risk of sticking.
  • The sinkers can be easily removed from the knitting machine for cleaning by lifting them out using the retainer. This means that the time-consuming work of lining them up again after the cleaning process is no longer required.
  • After cleaning, the used sinkers can be savely stored – until they need to be used again.