System parts from Groz-Beckert 

Consistent quality throughout the entire knitting process

At Groz-Beckert the functions of all the parts of  the entire knitting system are perfectly combined. Development and optimization take place in close cooperation with machine builders. This is the only way of achieving complex loop forming sequences with a great variety of different functional characteristics.

Under the heading "System parts", Groz-Beckert provides the following:

  • Selection parts
  • Transfer parts
  • Joint parts
  • Needle jacks
  • Holding-down sinkers and knock-over sinkers

Thread breakage – now a thing of the past thanks to perfect rounded edges

Thread breakage is caused by poor edge rounding on system parts

A basic condition for an even loop structure is having perfectly rounded edges. This applies primarily to fine and ultrafine knitted fabrics but also to warp-knits. Even critical holding-down and knock-over sinkers are perfectly rounded by means of the state-of-the-art polishing techniques of Groz-Beckert.

Premature wear – now a thing of the past, thanks to variable hardness

Extreme hardness with special high quality tempered steel




Extreme stresses caused by mechanical interference can occur during the loop forming process which lead to premature sinker wear. For this reason, Groz-Beckert developed special grade steels for its sinkers with hardnesses to meet these higher requirements. 

Like to find out more about system parts for knitting machines from Groz-Beckert? Just read the product brochure under "Further Information".