Universal lubricant competence 

For the effective use of needle oils


With its universal lubricant competence, Groz-Beckert is an all-round partner for the knitting industry. Support ranges from consulting to problem definition and solution.

The service concept for needle oils

The requirement


Higher machine gauges, rising machine speeds, and an ever increasing range of new materials. New trends and technologies are posing new challenges to knitting factories worldwide.

In this regard, the optimal use of needle oil is becoming ingreasingly more important. The aim is to achieve adequate lubrication across every operating area as well as the optimal wash-out capability – with minimal use of cleaning chemicals and at low temperatures.


The solution


Groz-Beckert has taken a universal approach to lubricant competence – and provides its partners with comprehensive solutions. Alongside ongoing further development of needles and system parts, the company is also advancing its service competence for needle oils.

To give its customers access to this expertise, Groz-Beckert has developed a comprehensive needle-oil service concept.

Lubricant competence

Global synergies and interdisciplinary cooperation: A sound foundation for customers to gain sustained benefit from Groz-Beckert’s extensive lubricant competence.

Detailed analysis


Groz-Beckert's Lubricant Competence Center is based at the company headquarters in Albstadt. The service benefits from the close proximity to leading research and development facilities. Conditions are ideal for testing purposes – both in terms of personnel as well as technology. All needle and sinker oils can be comprehensively evaluated and tested according to DIN 62136 or for a wide range of other characteristics.

The Lubricant Competence Center thus enables qualified and reliable conclusions about the efficiency of needle oils. During the lab examinations, among other things the following properties of needle oils are determined:


  • wash-out capability
  • paint compatibility
  • elastomer compatibility
  • viscosity index
  • corrosion behavior
  • load-carrying capacity

The needle-oil test kit

The needle-oil test kit enables Groz-Beckert to give customers application-specific advice and support with regard to lubricant competence.

Groz-Beckert opens up new possibilities for requirement-specific testing of both new and used needle oils. The package contains a specimen bottle, a set of test instructions and an analysis form sheet which allows customers to define the scope of analysis they require.

If necessary, experienced application technology specialists from Groz-Beckert are available to provide firsthand advice, helping customers select the characteristics that need to be tested.

The test results thus attained enable needle and sinker oils to be classified in numerous specific ways – from performance data all the way to how suitable they are for the relevant knitting process.

This means customers get the optimal needle oil in every situation.

Lubricant analysis

With its wide-ranging expertise as the world's leading supplier of needles and system parts, Groz-Beckert has built up a large lubricant database enabling individual oil analyses.

All conventional needle oils in use across the world have been tested in detail and catalogued, in accordance with the requirements of the DIN 62136 standard. This means that Groz-Beckert is in a position to provide impartial advice on solving application-specific questions. The relevant data are constantly updated and extended.

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