Single loopers and looper modules 

The innovative looper geometry for loop pile goods and velour

The reliable functioning of loop pile loopers and cut pile loopers is the basis for a flawless and high-quality product appearance, both with single loopers and in modular designs.

The geometries of Groz-Beckert loopers are optimally adapted to the relevant applications. The consistent and precise quality of single loopers and looper modules guarantees an uninterrupted and efficient production.

As a component of Groz-Beckert tufting systems, single loopers and looper modules are perfectly matched to each other, in design as well as choice of material, for harmonious interaction. Differing requirements demand individual combinations of tufting tools. The numerous carpet designs have to be precisely matched to the tools:


Always suitable – single loopers and module loopers

The tufting industry makes use of different take-up systems – for individual part configuration as well as for module design. As a full assortment provider, Groz-Beckert offers the right tufting tools and tufting systems for every variation. In partnerships and joint ventures with leading tufting machine manufacturers, the tufting tools are continuously refined for the very latest machine generations.

Just like Groz-Beckert tufting needles, Groz-Beckert loopers and looper modules are also impressive with their consistently high precision and service life, right down to the finest gauges. The assortment includes all the customary module types and locator systems.

Using modules from Groz-Beckert minimizes setup times. As a systems supplier, the company guarantees the optimal coordination of tufting systems with the respective requirements.

To guarantee consistent cut quality, Groz-Beckert also offers a professional regrinding service in OEM quality.

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