ALtop Hybrid 

The carbon- fiber- reinforced high-performance heald frame

High speeds and flawless fabric quality are crucial for the economic efficiency and long-term competitiveness of today's weaving mills. With the ALtop Hybrid heald frame, Groz-Beckert offers a carbon-fiber-reinforced high-performance heald frame with an innovative lightweight design. Its key performance feature is the uniquely high bending resistance of the frame staves.

Features and Advantages

Without intermediate supports

Operation without intermediate supports eliminates the potential for poor fabric quality relating to warp streaking around supports. Moreover, weaving machine downtimes during warp changes and time requirements  for drawing-in are significantly reduced.

Ultra-narrow tolerances

Heald frames from Groz-Beckert are manufactured to be process-reliable, maintaining the closest   tolerances   even in mass production. This uniformity is the primary reason for the smooth and efficient operation of the heald frames during the weaving process.

ALtop Hybrid - Overview:

  • Highest bending resistance of frame staves
  • Automatic drawing-in on all automatic drawing-in machines on the market
  • Can also be used without intermediate supports with wide nominal widths
  • Innovative design featuring two high-performance carbon-fiber profiles in the same frame stave – patented!
  • Increased picks per minute performance
  • Reduced need for spares due to long service life and efficient handling
  • Produces flawless fabrics

Facts and figures

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