Committed textile experts, machines and systems close to production, many years of experienceand advanced know-how: the Technology and Development Center (TEZ) is where the best come together. Groz-Beckert pools its competencies in a way that is quite unique, for the most diverse textile production methods, joining methods and special applications – constantly creating new synergies along the way.

Value added for customers and partners

From concrete achievements to universal concepts and co-developments: In the TEZ options you'll find the right solution for almost every requirement. With the TEZ Groz-Beckert wants to contribute to expanding the applications for textiles and to making the manufacture of textile products more efficient. The focus is on market-ready products and a rapid return on investment. Customers and partners benefit from reduced costs and, not least of all, from new business sectors.

Short paths, everything under one roof

The routes at the TEZ connecting different Technical Centers and facilities are all short, creating a productive working environment where teamwork has  a high priority. As always with Groz-Beckert, safety and confidentiality are given high priority.

In addition to the Technical Centers, the Groz-Beckert Central Laboratory is also available – it covers an area of roughly 1,300 square meters. At the Technology and Development Center, instant access to the company's extensive product portfolio as well as far-reaching mechanical engineering expertise mean that no time is lost. This facilitates tests and trials – and also allows existing products to be adapted to new areas of application.


Protecting resources, saving energy: at Groz-Beckert  the focus is on sustainable action. This, of course, also applies to the Technology and Development Center. It surpasses the stringent energy-saving standards  required  by law – and focuses on topics that make sense from an economic as well as an ecological point of view. In this way, resource efficiency and waste reduction not only reduce the burden on  the environment but also optimize production costs in the textile industry. Specific approaches include lowering energy consumption  during textile production and reduced material input costs for products, while retaining all their properties and performance features.

Value added for Groz-Beckert

With its product portfolio, Groz-Beckert covers almost all the methods used in the production and joining of textile surfaces. Groz-Beckert aims to utilize its comprehensive expertise across the textile value chain to promote innovation even more intensively and to expand into new areas. All the necessary activities are coordinated and implemented in the Technology and Development Center.