One Basis – Many Results 

Groz-Beckert develops, produces and sells industrial needles, precision components, fine tools and systems for the textile industry. The company also provides services for manufacturers of textiles and textile machinery.

With around 70,000 product types, Groz-Beckert fulfills the requirements for the most diverse textile production and joining methods including knitting, weaving, tufting, carding, sewing and nonwovens production.

With its high level of expertise in  micro precision manufacturing and engineering , Groz-Beckert also provides precision tools and related products for other sectors of industry including mechanical engineering as well as aerospace.



Products and services for knitting

Product range:
Knitting-machine needles, warp-knitting-machine needles, system parts, cylinders, dials, cylinder-exchange systems


Products and accessories for weaving and weaving preparation

Product range:
Healds, heald frames, warp stop motions, drop wires, machines for weaving preparation


Products and services for needling and entanglement of nonwovens

Product range:
Felting needles, structuring needles and jetstrips


Products and services for manufacturing carpets

Product range:
Carpet-machine needles, modules, loopers, knives, reed fingers


Products and services for the carding process

Product range:
wires and clothings for the short staple and long staple spinning industry and for the nonwovens industry as well as mounting service, special roll repair and start-up service


Products and services for sewing

Product range:
sewing-machine needles, shoe-machine needles, needle-holding system