Analysis methods and services 

Failure analysis

If a failure occurs it has to be tested and its root cause needs to be identified. To derive strategic measures and avoid damage, a universal system of failure analysis is required. If a material fails, this can be due to design, production and/or operational reasons. The cause of the failure and the process involved can be detected by means of material examinations.

Chemical analysis

Chemical analysis is a part of Groz-Beckert's mission to be a universal process and solutions partner to the textile industry – and Laboratory Services makes this know-how available to further sectors. This is why chemical analysis, for example, includes trace analysis for materials, components and products, as well as the detection of contaminants and residues in wastewater.

Materials consulting and development

Checks of materials are essential for flawless quality assurance. In the materials consulting and development sector, Laboratory Services analyze and optimize materials, structural components and surfaces. In addition to materials testing, the scope of services also includes numerous simulations, tests and applications. End-products are also thoroughly analyzed. In materials development, the specific requirements of the customer take center stage: for instance, new materials and coatings are developed, or compound materials are produced. The materials consulting service from the laboratory is supported here by advanced research and development plus a wealth of know-how.

Textile tests

Especially for the textile industry, Laboratory Services offers analysis and examination of textile end-products and raw materials. State-of-the-art methods are used to reliably analyze yarn structure, consistency, tear properties and much more.