Products for textile precision

Groz-Beckert develops, produces and markets machine needles, precision parts, precision tools and systems for the textile industry. We also provides services to textile machine builders and textile manufacturers.

With about 70,000 product types, Groz-Beckert serves the textile-production and joining processes of knitting, weaving, tufting, carding, sewing and the manufacture of nonwovens.

With our high level of expertise in miniaturization, we also offer precision mechanical tools and similar products for other sectors, such as machine building and aerospace.


Products and services for knitting

Product range:
knitting machine needles, system components and cylinders, dials for circular knitting machines


Products and accessories for weaving and weaving preparation

Product range:
healds, heald frames, warp stop motions and drop wire, as well as machines for weaving preparation


Products and services for needling and bonding of nonwovens

Product range:
felting needles, structuring needles and jet strips for hydroentanglement


Products and services for the manufacture of carpeting

Product range:
carpet-machine needles, modules, gripping devices, knives and reed fingers


Products and services for the carding process

Product range:
wires and clothings for the short staple and long staple spinning industry and for the nonwovens industry as well as mounting service, special roll repair and start-up service


Products and services for sewing

Product range:
needles for sewing and shoe machines,
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Other Products

Groz-Beckert provides all of the appropriate products and services for crucial processes in textile production and joining. Yet the range also encompasses other areas requiring the precision of Groz-Beckert.

Customized Precision Components (CPC) has been built with the micro-engineering know-how and metallurgic expertise gained from the core business.

Subsidiary Schmeing, moreover, produces and markets innovative plastic products under the brand SMG.

Metallurgic expertise meets micro-engineering

With Customized Precision Components (CPC), Groz-Beckert has steadily carved out a new operational area. The products are based on our sound know-how in micro-engineering.

Special blanking dies

Experience gleaned form Groz-Beckert's core business and the desire to deliver solutions for technical challenges are the drive behind the development of new blanking die technologies.

Micro-precision parts

The know-how from the original CPC product subdivision (LTCC/MLC technology) and the fully developed production processes were the impetus for expanding the production program to micro-precision parts.

Precision parts for LTCC/MLC technology

LTCC/MLC = Low Temperature Cofired Ceramic/Multi-Layer Ceramic. Groz-Beckert punching components are distinguished by their excellent grinding quality, as well as their shape and shape accuracy.

Innovative plastic products and services from SMG

As part of the Groz-Beckert Group, the company Schmeing in Raesfeld, Germany, produces and distributes high quality plastic products under the brand SMG.

Marketed under the name SMG, Schmeing provides a wide range of technically demanding, high quality parts, as well as assemblies made of plastic. We stand by customers from the concept phase and the manufacture of prototypes all the way through to serial production.

The products find application in various industrial sectors such as in the food industry, the chemical and pharmaceutical industries and in medical engineering. Exemplary are plastic ball bearings – with balls of glass or stainless steel – for implementation in high-temperature areas.

Whether available product or hired service - cutting-edge testing and measuring machines, as well as an in-house laboratory for material testing, create ideal prerequisites for custom-tailored development with different requirements.

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