Review: ShanghaiTex 2019

The ShanghaiTex 2019, one of the top international trade fairs for industry visitors in the textile field, was held once again from 11/25/–11/28/2019. And Groz-Beckert was present once again with an exhibition area of 650m2 and presented the new booth design for the first time in the Asian region. A total of 2100 visitors were welcomed over the course of the four days, continuing the success of the ShanghaiTex 2017 in China seamlessly.

The three product areas Knitting, Weaving and Carding presented an extensive product range, which visitors could experience up close with the help of Augmented Reality.

Groz-Beckert presented a wide range of knitting and warp knitting and warp knitting machine needles in the fields of circular knitting, flat knitting, legwear and warp knitting. This included the patented SAN™ SF for processing staple fiber yarns in large diameter circular knitting machines, as well as a flat knitting needle for producing technical textiles. The latter even has the potential to open up completely new business fields, as it achieves a particularly good result during multi-thread knitting of stable loops and filament yarn. The so-called dur™ needle impressed once again in the field of legwear with its characteristic durability and high resilience.

The world of weaving was also represented with high-quality weaving accessories, proven products for weaving preparation and special service offers.

The Carding area presented numerous developments for the spinning industry, from a new stationary flat range and the new revolving flat TV56, a cylinder clothing with special tooth geometry, through to the patented doffer wire D40-30-31ES CBF.

Further exhibition highlights at the ShanghaiTex 2019 reflected the increasing online presence of Groz-Beckert: The Customer Portal in the field of Knitting and the WeChat counter as an additional means of communication with the customer, met with a high level of interest.

And we didn't forget to include an element of fun by adding a selfie point for spontaneous souvenir photos and culinary delicacies to enjoy. Watch the following video and experience a few impressions of the Groz-Beckert booth in Shanghai for yourself!