Needles for domestic sewing machines

The do-it-yourself ethos has been rediscovered in recent years. Interest in needlework seems greater than ever, and sewing in particular is experiencing an authentic Renaissance. Custom and unique garments allow us to better express our personal character. Sewing for ourselves also saves money.

As a partner along the entire textile value chain, Groz-Beckert also offers a range of top quality needles for domestic sewing machines

Domestic sewing machine needles from Groz-Beckert

The sewing machine

These days domestic sewing machines are usually computer-controlled. Using various sewing programs, several stitch types can be generated with a sewing machine.

The needle

The needle is, of course, hugely important when sewing. It greatly influences the results. The most appropriate needle must always be chosen.


Universal needle with slightly rounded point

Suited to sewing almost all materials of natural or synthetic fiber, such as blouses, shirts or dresses; also for thick yarns or wool yarns Our recommendation: The finer the fabric, the finer the needle



Needle for knitted and woven fabric

The midsize ball point of the jersey needle protects delicate knitted fabrics from damage; suited to underwear and sportswear.

jersey fabric


Needle for sewing elastic materials (stretch)

Thanks to the rounded point and fine shaft of this needle, skipped stitches are prevented when sewing elastic material.

stretchable fabric


Needle for sewing mid-weight fabric like denim, linen or corduroy

The slightly rounded point and the stable shaft prevent needle breakage and skipped stitches, and facilitate proper seams when sewing denim and twill; also suited to the hem-stitching of this type of material.



Needle for use in quilting machines

The fine point and deep groove of the needle allow smooth gliding of the yarn when sewing several layers. The needle is especially suited for use with fine fabrics or fine interlinings.

Crazy quilt


Needles for embroidery

The slightly rounded point and the larger eye allows smooth-running thread and precise stitch formation; also suited to thick embroidery and woolen yarns and available with GEBEDUR® coating.


Needle for sewing fine textile material

The fine point of the needle protects fine material. Recommended for silk, microfiber, linen, organza, muslin and taffeta; also for inconspicuous seams of very thin yarns.

Fabric out of microtex


Needle for sewing leather and faux leather

The LL cutting point helps produce a slightly slanted seam pattern. However, it should not be used for textile fabrics. Our recommendation: use polyester yarns

Leather jacket


Needle for ornamental and topstitch jobs

The very long eye makes this needle suited to ornamental stitching with thick yarns, to applications with several sewing threads, and to post-embroidering.

Decorative seams


Needle for sewing with metal or other special yarns, such as effect threads

The large eye of this needle prevents damage to the metal coating of this yarn, thereby preventing thread breakage.

Metallic thread


Needle for use in overlock machines (overlock seams)

This needle is intended for overlock machines which specify use of an ELx705. It is not suited for use in domestic sewing machines or in warp-knitting machines.

Overlock seam

TWIN needle

Needle for parallel ornamental seams

This needle is available in various needle distances and can be obtained as a universal needle for almost all materials of natural or synthetic fiber, and as a stretch needle for elastic materials.

TWIN needle

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