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Mobile and stationary – cleaning systems from Groz-Beckert

Modern drawing-in systems and weaving machines are highly sensitive to even slight contamination of weaving machine accessories. Cleaning systems from Groz-Beckert optimize accessory cleaning and minimize the time and effort required.

To make optimum solutions available, Groz-Beckert offers various cleaning systems. The universal cleaning machine Cleaning System can be used to clean reeds, healds and drop wires . The Drop Wire Cleaner, however, is specifically for cleaning and polishing drop wires. With the ReedCleaner Groz-Beckert meets the demand for maximum flexibility and offers a mobile unit for cleaning reeds in the weaving machine.

Cleaning System

As versatile as the weaving industry

Cleaning System

The universal cleaning machine Cleaning System from Groz-Beckert is an integrated unit for the mechanical-chemical cleaning of reeds, healds and drop wires.

The automatic cleaning process includes wet cleaning, surface treatment, and drying. Different cleaning brushes and specific cleaning agents provide for thorough yet gentle cleaning. The fully automatic cleaning programs can be coordinated for custom applications and varying levels of contamination.

Groz-Beckert's Cleaning System is a system that boosts efficiency in fabric production. This innovative cleaning process both reduces susceptibility to failure in the production process and enhances fabric qualities.


Targeted cleaning


The ReedCleaner from Groz-Beckert cleans reeds hydro-dynamically using steam and specially developed cleaning agents.

The steam nozzles on the ReedCleaner can be optimally positioned for both flat and channel reeds, thereby ensuring all-round cleaning of the entire reed.

The integrated detergent concentrate has been specifically formulated for steam cleaning. It ensures that regular cleaning removes even stubborn soiling.

The ReedCleaner eliminates the requirement for mechanical cleaning, thus relieving operating staff and reducing idle times due to cleaning.

Drop Wire Cleaner

Thorough and easy

Drop Wire Cleaner

In the Groz-Beckert Drop Wire Cleaner, cleaning takes place in vibrating work chambers. A special mix of granulated material thoroughly and gently cleans drop wires.

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