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Groz-Beckert InLine - The innovative card clothing series for increased process reliability in high-performance roller cards

Duration: 60 Minutes
Languages: English, German

Shorter run-in phase and consistently high web quality due to character-strong card clothing

Thanks to a new and patented manufacturing process, Groz-Beckert has developed a series of metallic card clothing that offers improved process reliability and thus a higher uptime of the card. At the same time, the new manufacturing process is in line with the company's principles of producing in an environmentally-friendly and resource-saving manner.

The SiroLock™ plus wires also have the characteristics of the Groz-Beckert InLine series: a reduced rib height of the wires, a scale-free surface and, in particular, higher strength of the delicate wire teeth. The special tooth geometry of the SiroLock™ plus card clothing results in gentle and more effective fiber take-up, control and hand-over – even at the highest throughput rates.

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