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myGrozBeckert – your personal work tool

As it is one of the most essential prerequisites of working effectively, Groz-Beckert traditionally places great importance on sharing knowledge and experience. In order to provide mobile access to this know-how and make it available offline, ­Groz-Beckert developed an app in 2011 that contains well-founded knowledge along the textile value chain and about the company.

Since then, myGrozBeckert has continuously been developed further, and as part of the 2017 relaunch a completly customizable navigation was implemented. This allows users to save favorites and preferred topics themselves, and change them any time as needed. This is how myGrozBeckert becomes a personal and individually configured work tool.

myGrozBeckert works with all iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, and is available in German, English, and Chinese. The free app can be downloaded through the Google Play Store, the Apple App Store or through various Chinese app stores.

Have fun discovering with myGrozBeckert!

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