Products and services for the knitting industry

With over 160 years of experience and know-how, today Groz-Beckert produces, and distributes more than 50,000 products for the knitting industry.

Besides high-performance needles and system parts for all kinds of knitting machines, the product range also includes knitting cylinders for large diameter circular and seamless bodysize machines. For the warp knitting industry the company also offers system parts for tricot, stitch bonding, Raschel, and crochet machines, including individual parts and warp knitting modules.

The offer is completed by detailed services including personal application advice, textile testing as well as needle oil and damage analyses. Are you looking for new market environments and applications? As innovative development partner, Groz-Beckert's own Technology and Development Center (TEZ) supports you with know-how and knowledge of the industry. Are you interested in trainings? In the Groz-Beckert Academy you can find the right training courses for you and your staff.

Every knitter and machine builder has individual needs and faces different challenges in his everyday work. We will be happy to support you in finding the right solutions and identifying performance potential together with you. If you are interested in online-services, our detailed product and service portfolio is also available in digital form.

The top-class raw materials used coupled with high ISO-certified processing standards, a flawless surface finish and meticulously designed geometry make our products ideally suited to withstanding extreme loads in the loop forming process. Their durability has a positive impact on the cost efficiency of your production.

The machines and tools used for the manufacture of our products are designed and produced in our own in-house mechanical engineering department in Albstadt, Germany. As these products are constructed in-house, tolerances can be achieved to within thousands of a millimeter – not visible to the naked eye but decisive when it comes to process reliability and production economy.

At Groz-Beckert, all the components of knitting or warp knitting systems are precisely inter-coordinated. The perfect interplay of knitting machines, needles, system parts and other components guarantees a homogeneous, flawless loop forming process. Even the most complex production processes and different functional requirements can be implemented without problems.

Machine manufacturers and end users the world over place their trust in Groz-Beckert as a development partner and quality supplier. We continue the further development of our product spectrum based on our wealth of expertise.

An array of different patents testify not only to innovative ideas but also to a focused, open approach, and underpin Groz-Beckert's position at the forefront of the market.

Right from the product development stage, Groz-Beckert focuses on the sparing use of resources and reduction of harmful emissions. One notable example of this approach is the litespeed® needle family for high-performance circular knitting machines. In 2010, Groz-Beckert was awarded the KYOCERA Environmental Prize for the litespeed® needle, and in 2011 it received the Korea EU Award.

Brochures for the knitting industry


Products and services for the knitting industry

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Large diameter circular knitting

Products and services for the large diameter circular knitting sector

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Flat knitting

Products and services for the flat knitting sector

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Products and services for the sock knitting sector

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Hosiery and Seamless Bodysize

Products and services for the fields of hosiery and seamless bodysize

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Warp knitting

Products and services for the warp knitting sector

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